texas living trust, houston living trustYour estate is normally administered in the state where you live. But what happens if you live in Texas but also own real estate in one or more other states?

Due to the requirements of land records and title insurance companies in each state, real estate needs to have some form of probate administration in the state that it is located in. This means that if you own real estate in Texas and Florida, your estate will be administered in Texas and an additional probate procedure will also take place in Florida. If you own real estate in Texas, Florida, and California, then your family will end up going through some form of probate in all 3 states. That can get expensive and time consuming.

The Texas Revocable Living Trust is an option to avoid going through multiple probate administrations. When you establish a well designed Texas Living Trust and properly title your assets and real estate to benefit from the Texas Living Trust you can avoid your family having to go through probate in multiple states.

Speak with a Houston Living Trust Lawyer if you’d like to learn more about how a Texas Living Trust can save your family time and money.

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